Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes 100% all made at home with love. Using only natural human grade ingredients.

We are in Woodvale , but can deliver depending on location.

No and no salt and no sugar or any added nasties!

Our cakes will be fine in the fridge for 2 -3 days. It can be safely frozen if required too.
Biscuits come in heat sealed packs and will be fine for approx 6 weeks if kept in air tight conditions.

Yes all cakes come in presentation box.

Yes, why should your dog miss out on treats.
We offer grain free as an option.
Our cakes are predominantly peanut butter based but in cases of allergies or taste preferences we can offer apple/ banana/carrot flavours.
Please ask for details.

Absolutely! Remember there is no sugar at all so you may not enjoy it as much as your dog does!

Your dog cake is for treats only for their special day. It is not meant to be part of a balanced diet. Just let them indulge a little now and again!

We are open 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday.
(We will try to be flexible outside those times.)

We are closed Sundays.

Please follow links to our fb/IG, email contact page to place an order.
Or call me on 0415858636
I’m more than happy to help with any questions regarding our products and ordering process.